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We are a group of American Civil War re-enactors
who portray civilian roles at American Civil War Society
events across the UK during the season April-September.
Currently we have 17 members, with impressions ranging from
sutlers, seamstresses, settlers and a telegraph office.
Some of us portray refugees who have been made homeless
through the ravages of war. We welcome well-behaved
children, dogs (and adults) in our unit and try
to keep our impression as accurate as possible.


Click here to read our Guidelines for Portraying a Civilian Role document.


Whilst the soldiers were rightly remembered
for their courage and bravery, the civilians were often
forgotten, but it was they who kept life
going during the war, often suffering great
hardship and poverty. They would send handmade
clothing from home to the soldiers who were fighting for
the cause and even stay with them or
close by between campaigns particularly during the
long winter months, making a living by selling
provisions, liquor and other luxuries to the soldiers,
usually at high prices.

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